Exercises For Healthier Skin


There is no doubt about it that when you exercise, the different organs of your body are worked out and, thus, improving their condition. The skin, which is the largest of all the organs, gains from the physical activities as well. Since exercise advances blood circulation and oxygen flow in the body, it also betters skin complexion. When we perspire as we exercise, toxins are also flushed out of the body.

Experts claim that excessive physical workout is not advisable as this can also take a toll on the skin which may lead to skin irritations and wrinkling. With that, we have chosen three exercises that can best promote healthier skin.

Yoga. Not only does it stretch the body, but yoga also relaxes the mind and relieves it from stress, a good way to smoothen the lines on our skin, especially on our face. It also promotes right breathing techniques which improve the distribution of oxygen.

Swimming. The good thing about swimming is that the water cools the skin while body temperature rises from the strokes and physical activities.

Planking. We have seen how planking has taken the world by storm when it trended globally. But there’s more to it than meets the eye. Planking is a good core exercise that tone and sculpt your body while tightening the skin.

As you try any or all of these three exercises, there are some points you need to bear in mind. It is better that you also practice the following tips hand-in-hand with your physical workout.

Don’t wear make-up

When you exercise, you perspire and your pores open up. The chemicals from the make-up may mix with your sweat, allowing dirt to enter your pores that may cause skin breakout.

Stay Indoors

Since too much exposure to the sun is harmful to your skin, it is better to choose an exercise place that will protect you from the sun’s damaging rays. With the exercises provided above, you can find a venue that will keep you away from the sun.

Wash after exercise

Always wash your face after you exercise to cleanse it from sweat, oil, and dirt. Even when you swim, shower afterwards to rid yourself of the chlorine that may dry your skin.

Drink lots of water

Since a physical workout lets you lose water from your body, hydrate right after exercising by drinking water. It will also keep your skin from drying.