Are You Carrying Too Much In Your Purse?


A purse is one of women’s constant companions. In fact, some regard their purse as their security blanket to the point that they cannot leave home without it. Often, various stuffs are crammed inside our bags that we end up carrying our entire closet.

A Manhattan Sports Therapy chiropractor suggests that women keep their bags’ weight below five pounds and not beyond seven pounds. The heavier the bag is, the more harmful it is to the body, especially to the neck and shoulders area. When this becomes a recurrence, it will lead to arthritis in the backbone region, numbness, weak posture, and carpal tunnel.

Because of the many gadgets that are being used nowadays, one of the things that cause heaviness to the tote we carry is the laptop. A tablet is a lighter alternative. Others bring their gym outfit with them to work, which aggravates the situation.

The best option is to keep the weight of your bag to the minimum. But how do you do this? Here are some suggestions on how to carry a purse that is light enough for your body.

1. Use a smaller bag

The bigger the purse you use, the higher the tendency for you to pack a lot of things that can fit into your bag. If you really need to bring heavy items, like weights, laptop, use a backpack that can spread out the weight on both your shoulders.

2. Choose travel-sized items

Make-up items, perfume, cream and other products jammed in your bag may be adding strain on your shoulder. If you need to carry all these in your purse, try putting them in small containers so that you get to limit the load of your bag.

3. Clean up your bag every now and then

Make it a regular habit to clean your bag and unload items that are not being used. Sometimes you have papers or receipts tucked inside your purse. Or you forget to take out the book you already finished. Every time you clear your tote and refill it with your stuff, ask yourself if you need to bring that particular item for that day before you put it inside.